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when you see the girl you hate:


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Anonymous: what's the ship name for you and matt ? :)



We never picked one. We just got married instead. x

awwwwwwwwwwww LOUISE

My little brother is terminal    



My 9 year old brother has lupus and his heart is beginning to fail from his prior heart surgery and I would like to visit him one last time before he passes. I have only met him once and do not have the funds to reach him since he is all the way in New Mexico and I am in virginia. The money I…

I am desperate at this point to get the money by May. That’s the only time slot I have to see him and he’s not getting better. Please help if you can or spread the word.

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So I work at an ice cream store, and this girl walked in today and quietly asked me who the man behind the counter was. I responded that he was my manager. 

"Oh, he’s cute. What’s his name?"

"Justin, but fair warning, he plays for the, uh, other team."

"What team?"

And I swear to fucking god four people (including myself) yelled ‘WILDCATS’ so loud she spilled her drink.

And I thought he was gay 

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When a guy takes off his sweatshirt and his shirt comes off too